One of our most important services is lead abatement. There is very little business knowledge and even less consumer knowledge on this subject. Most individuals have sold a home and signed a Property Disclosure Statement without truly understanding what or why they were signing it. Basically, the statement indicates that the home was lead-based paint free. There is no way to know that a home is lead-based paint free unless it was tested. This is not a common practice. Subsequently, if a home was built prior to 1978, lead exists. If the home was built after that date, there should be no concerns.


Below is information provided by the (ATSDR) The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. This data reinforces how deadly exposure to the elements can be.


Ø      15µg/dL

Increase in Blood pressure; harmful effects of fetus; joint and muscle aches 


Ø      25µg/dL

Reproductive Problems


Ø      40µg/dL

Kidney damage; damage to blood formation


Ø      60µg/dL

Anemia; nerve damage; constipation; stomach pains; irritability and fatigue; memory and concentration problems; clumsiness; drowsiness and sleep problems


Ø      80µg/dL

Blue line on gums; uncontrollable shaking; brain damage; coma; death


1µg is 1 microgram which is equal to 1 in a million;or 35/1,000,000,000 (thirty-five billionth of an ounce); or 28,400,000 µg are equal to 1 ounce. So to better define the ATSDR's findings, if you ingest 80 parts of an ounce (which contains 28,400,000µg), it could potentially be fatal.


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What You Should Know About Lead Abatement